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ZRC Went to Horrorhound

I keep forgetting, amidst all the behind the scenes stuff, to update the blog.

I am deeply shamed.

We went to Horrorhound a week and a half ago, and man was it a lot of fun in the name of Zombie Rights. This year we didn’t have a booth, unfortunately, but we made up for it with some persistence and a few square feet on loan from the Dark Carnival folks.

They’ve been very gracious about our picketing their event last year. Ahem.

So we passed out a ton of flyers, sold some wristbands, shirts, and games. Yes, games; as mentioned in the previous post, we are now working with the good folks at Spare Brains Games to sell positive Zombie gaming experiences, suitable for all ages.

Well, ok. You know how when they say that, they typically mean a smaller subset of years. You have to be able to do some basic math to play Zombie Cafe, and you have to be young enough that you’re not a pile of mummy dust.

We had a petition to pass around as well, and collected many signatures on behalf of Zombie Rights. We’re going to scan that, and put it up online as a pdf. I think we’ll take the forms to Chicago for some additional signature collection and then send the whole bundle off to Mr. Romero. Or perhaps just the PDF, and keep the original as an ongoing project. It is the internet age after all, and email is so quick and easy.

Well that’s about it for now, Z-Fans. More exciting news and updates coming in a few days.

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