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‘Shaun of the Dead’ Shirt ‘The Plan’ Offensive but Film-Accurate

Oh, ‘Shaun of the Dead’, also known as Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s gushing love letter to George Romero, has long been a thorn in the Zombie Community’s side for the way it trivializes and mocks the plight of the modern Zombie, as well as for the way it added fuel to the resurgence of Euro-Zombie filmmaking and gave rise to other ‘Zom-Coms’ like the possibly even-more offensive ‘Zombieland’.

Naturally, being a popular Living Supremacist film, it has inspired a lot of merchandising. We previously exhibited a piece of fan-made ‘Shaun’ merch from a horror con in ages past, the Winchester pint glass:


Therefore it didn’t surprise us to see yet another ‘Shaun’ shirt, but it did sadden The ZRC all the same:

Shirt: Shaun Of The Dead: The Plan

While we all know the plan works, kind of, when you read through it in the context of the film it’s absolutely absurd. Of course it’s supposed to be, that’s a large point of the movie. Still this one is perfect for every Shaun of the Dead fan out there!

Bad plan.

Who does ‘the plan’ work for? Well, it works out ok for Shaun and his would-be-beloved Liz I suppose, but think of poor Zombie Ed who ends up chained inside a workshed hiding out from The Man who wants to put him into perpetual involuntary servitude, also known as SLAVERY. Just because he’s a Zombie.

Yeah, that’s a great outcome there Shaun. Good planning.. for a Living Supremacist bigot mayhaps. And he’s one of the most Zombie Tolerant people in the whole movie! Ghastly!

Meanwhile Zombies out here in the real world have to put up with t-shirts promoting this awful ‘plan’ to a new generation of Zombophobes who’ve been stocking up on ammo and sharp objects according to Max Brooks’ instructions. Again, ghastly.

We rate this shirt as Living Supremacist.

Plan for a better future, not one like in the movie.

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