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Zombie-Bashing in Supermodern 3D

So after following a banner ad the other day I discovered that there’s a new Resident Evil movie looking to capitalize on the breathtaking success (and high technology) of Avatar coming out this September.

The movie apparently is being shot with the Cameron 3D system, presumably the one from Avatar, for a film with tons of things rushing conveniently at your face. It’s being made by the same guy who did the first three, Paul W.S. Anderson, so it’s almost certain to be nigh-completely-unwatchable.

(I mean, ok, the first movie, Zombie-hating aside, was almost tolerable, but that second one? Ugh.)

This is sure to be only the first zombie flick shot from the ground up using the newest and greatest 3D technology, not the last. The ZRC will pry open its expense account, aka wallets, this September to bring its loyal readers the latest news as Lifeist cinema moves boldly, and regressively, into the 21st Century.

We will try very hard to sit through the whole thing too.

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