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Zombie Event ‘Retro Tiki Terror’ in Photos

We mentioned this fun event before on the blog, a fun chance for the Undead to get out, have a Tiki themed party and enjoy themselves.

Here’s a quick update to note that the event went off without violence or disruption, and hey, there are fun photos to be gazed upon as well.

Sorry we missed it; next year the ZRC has to go, from the sound of it:

Tiki Terrace restaurant, 1591 Lee St., was taken over by zombies Sunday as the undead gathered for the third annual Retro Zombie Tiki Terror party, hosted by Kitty Zombie and John LaFlamboy of Zombie Army Productions.

ZAP are the creators of Statesville Haunted Prison, and The FEAR Haunted House at Navy Pier. They produce films, such as The Moleman of Belmont Avenue, and regulary host zombie themed events in the Chicago area, including the annual Zombie March and Zombie Prom.

Outstanding work, Zombie Army Productions. Just keep your Army working for peace and the ZRC will be right there with you.

Actually, we will be there at the Zombie March in about a week. Hooray! Solidarity!

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