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Advertising Blitz for Lurch for the Cure Plus Nefarious Criminality

Well, we were going to have a big kickoff with web advertising and everything for Lurch for the Cure on Monday, but then some jerk had to go and steal one of the ZRC’s credit card numbers.

So I think it’ll have to go on hold for a week while we get our delicious moneys back.

Thievery! The outrage of it all.

In the meantime we’ve done some work over on the Lurch page, and I spent an afternoon working on a super duper spreadsheet to make it super-easy to track the comings and goings of various funds. What an exciting thing to do on a weekend, I know.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


2 Responses to “Advertising Blitz for Lurch for the Cure Plus Nefarious Criminality”

  1. Keiya says:

    Speaking of the Lurch for the Cure, you really should take a more inclusive stance towards the still-breathing who support zombie rights. Not all of us have had most of our fat tissue decomposed, after all, and as you state yourself, American Apparel tends to have a smaller fit than most.

  2. John Sears says:

    We do try to be mindful of our larger Living allies, which is why we don’t charge extra for the larger sizes of AA-based apparel we carry. This way we can continue to use sweatshop free base material, and for those concerned about the tighter fit, a living person can simply buy the next size up, without penalty.

    (Buying the next size up works for me; I wear an XL, but for AA I always get the 2XL, whether from our store or someone else’s).

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