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So, the ZRC has been passing around a petition at some of its public appearances lately, inspired by George Romero’s presence at Horrorhound, and we thought it should go up online as well, so that people can add their names as they wish.

In essence, the ZRC is asking that Mr. Romero, who is currently hard at work on another movie, take a kindler, gentler and more open approach to Zombies in future works. We know that he’s capable of making a surprisingly Zombie-friendly film; Creepshow was directed by Romero, after all, and it features a complex cast including two Zombies who come back from their watery graves to avenge injustice and punish their murderer. No brain-eating, no intestine pulling, just Zombies of Justice.

So we thought, why can’t we see more Zombies like that? More *positive* Romero-directed Undead.

Hence our petition. We came up with a short petition and passed it around Horrorhound, and got a great response. But what about our online readers? Well, your chance to sign is now. Just send an email with your name to and you will be added to the list. We have several noteworthy signatories, including Baron Mardi of Atomic Age Cinema, Karlos Borloff of Monster Madhouse TV, Dave Pruett of The Dark Carnival Film Festival and Marv Blauvelt, acclaimed horror actor and director.

It’s a proud list, and we’d be honored to have your name on it.

Read the petition here.

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