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The ZRC and ‘Survival of the Dead’ Part One

So, after considerable thought, the ZRC has decided to purchase ‘Survival of the Dead’ on Xbox Live as a digital rental of some sort. The terms are fairly onerous; you have to watch the file within 14 days, once you’ve started watching you only get 24 hours until it’s no longer yours, and for this privilege you pay 12 dollars, plus wait while the 6.5 gig file downloads, of course.

Normally I hate DRM stuff like this, but seen from the perspective of pay-per-view, it’s not so bad, and it is full HD, which you can’t get on a DVD. So… hmm.

It’s a new frontier in theatrical releases of zombie movies, however; before a theatrical release, before a DVD release, pricey, slick and modern. Perhaps if this succeeds it will become the new gold standard to deliver Lifelist prejudice to American audiences. A depressing thought, really.

To be continued.

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