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Review of I, Zombie

Another Zombie comic that the ZRC can approve? Could it be true?

It is indeed! For once we have sequential art about Zombies without a shambling horde of brain-munching illiterates tearing down civilization, and the ZRC could not be happier.

‘I, Zombie’ is a new ongoing title being published by Vertigo, and concerns the daily undeath of Gwen, a quiet, friendly and conscientious young Zombie. Gwen has a steady job, respected work colleagues who treat her like ‘one of the guys’, and an active social life with both humans and supernatural entities. Gwen and her friends live in Eugene, Oregon, a grey and oddball sort of town (both in the comics and from what I’m told, real life), but this Eugene has ghosts, Zombies, vampires and other sentients, all living more or less peacefully alongside regular humans. How refreshing!

Gwen works at a local hippie/greenie cemetary (no embalming fluids or other toxins, no sir), putting her Zombie work ethic to good use digging graves that the living unfortunately often have to use when they stop, err, being the living. Gwen uses this new job to deal with certain unfortunate dietary needs of her particular case of Zombie-ism; namely, she has to eat a brain on a monthly basis for good Undead health (Unhealth?). Being a level-headed and pragmatic sort, Gwen finds brains that are not currently in use to fill this purpose.

Sensible enough; they’d just to waste otherwise.

In return for these donated, nay, recycled brains, Gwen performs helpful services for the recently departed. This will apparently often involve gumshoe work or errand-running from beyond the grave, settling your unfinished businesses and what not. (Hey, it’s a first issue, cut me some slack for relying on outside research).

In between cases and helping out she lives her low-key, non-violent Zombie life. A regular Zombie role model! Outstanding.

We here at the ZRC have already subscribed to I, Zombie and are eagerly awaiting future issues. Instead of dull apprenhension regarding our Heavy Ink deliveries, we can now look forward to at least one positive, perhaps even uplifting comic about the travails of the Differently Animated. (One of them anyway).



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