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The ZRC was contacted recently by a Philadelphia based musical duo who apparently appreciate our work on behalf of the Differently Animated… because they’re a Zombie-Pop band.

Say what?

From the email:

Rainbow Destroyer is a zombie-pop duo based in Philly. Brian Reignbow and Rainbeaux Bite are two undead divas brought to life by a magic unicorn named Deth. They enjoy brains, blood, glitter, and having fun (while singing about it!).

While the ZRC expresses some skepticism about the effects a musical lifestyle might have for Zombies (and would offer a polite warning against overindulgence in brains), the existence of a pro-Zombie band with catchy music gives us hope for greater Living-Undead outreach. Music is a game-and-mind changer; it can open minds and bring former enemies together in a new spirit of understanding. First it might just be a song on the radio, or these days, Facebook; then there’s commerce, merchandise changing hands, and before you know it, full economic and civic interaction with people (Undead or otherwise) with whom you might never have previously associated.

We have to change the culture from within, use its own tools. The ZRC works through civil rights and community organizing, Rainbow Destroyer through toe-tapping music. Who knows how far we can go with a bit of luck, some picket signs AND some catchy hooks?

For more information on the band, go see their Facebook page at or read their blog at

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