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Army Times Publishes Ancillary Bibliography of Hate

Ever want to know how you ‘research’ a truly odious call for violence against Undead Americans? Well, thankfully for the study of propaganda by future generations, the Army Times published a couple of additional pieces to complement their clarion call for hatred that we earlier savaged here on the ZRC blog.

First up is a reading list of books they recommend, and which coincidentally match their narrow-minded and prejudiced views of the Zombie Community, or simply supply general purpose warfare information which can be repurposed to that evil cause.

No points for guessing that Max Brooks is on there twice.

Next they give their readers an ‘Undead Dossier’ containing extremely simplified and of course somewhat inaccurate descriptions of various sorts of Zombie, and methods to fight them. Note that they do this even for ‘Thriller’ Zombies, who are nearly universally held to be non-violent, fun loving and fully-integrated members of society, even by many Anti-Zombie bigots.

Needless to say, we’re offended. Why go around picking fights when we can peacefully coexist? Don’t our soldiers have enough to deal with as it is?

I guess Army Times doesn’t think so, and wants to drum up trouble. Again, shame on them.

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