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New Publisher Imprint ‘Print Is Dead’ Specializes In Anti-Zombie Fiction, Prejudice

Given the explosion of Anti-Zombie and outright Living Supremacist fiction over the last few years, it was probably inevitable that we would see publishing imprints dedicated explicitly to publishing more attacks on the Differently Animated.

And so it has come to pass with ‘Print is Dead’:

Print Is Dead is up and shambling, keeping us running like a demonic flesheater. It started with Mason James Cole’s Pray to Stay Dead, with Nate Southard’s Scavengers and John Sebastian Gorumba’s World in Red hot on its heels! All three were extremely well-received at this year’s World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas.

Yes, even their press releases are explicitly Anti-Zombie. What about the three books mentioned you ask?

Well, they seem to be much the same. The Amazon descriptions of the books are even more informative and leave little doubt: all three books are about the myth of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, beloved on the paranoid Anti-Zombie fringe but a scenario unsupported by history or reason.

So what we’ve got here is a publishing unit that is explicitly dedicated to printing books the ZRC can hate. That’s.. *sigh* kind of depressing really.

Add them to the Amazon wishlist I guess; our reviewing work is never done.

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