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Technical Difficulties At The ZRC

The Zombie Rights Campaign is sad to announce an unplanned hiatus of unknown duration, most likely approximately one week, due to a much-depended-upon computer deciding to self-destruct. Any orders placed in our store will still be processed as usual, since those emails go to me (the Art Director), and my computer is still functioning (which is why you get this amazing post here). Blog and social media presence will be sparse-to-none until the situation is resolved.

Say what you will about Zombies, but do they sell an operating system that is working fine when you leave the house for a few hours, then, at some point before you come home, decides that uptime is for losers? No. No, they do not.

I’d just like you all to remember that.

– Jenny, the Art and Technical Director (just not technical enough to make a Windows laptop stop being stupid.)

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