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Contest: Win an ‘Appearance’ In Upcoming Anti-Zombie Novel

I’ll give them credit for original marketing at the very least:

Free contest for horror fans! Enter to win an appearance in the zombie world of The Return Man — an action-packed undead thriller coming in March 2012 from publisher Hodder & Stoughton. One winner’s name will be immortalized as a character in the actual book — a prize of permanent glory and bragging rights over all your friends, plus a free copy signed by author V.M Zito. Don’t miss your chance!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below by September 1st, and tell us where you’d hunker down in the zombie apocalypse. The winner will be drawn at random, but creative answers make it more fun…

Zombie Apocalypse? I don’t think so; we much prefer the Global Reanimation Block Party here at the ZRC.

In fact, that sounds like a fun entry for the contest:

I would not be cowering in some ‘hideout’ at all, in the event of a Global Reanimation Block Party (the preferred term). As President of The Zombie Rights Campaign I imagine I would be very busy helping the newly reanimated integrate peacefully into society, lobbying on behalf of the Undead population for greater rights, better representation and services with our government, calming down angry torch-wielding mobs and the like.

I await their response.

About The Author

The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


One Response to “Contest: Win an ‘Appearance’ In Upcoming Anti-Zombie Novel”

  1. V.M. Zito says:

    As the author of “The Return Man,” the zombie novel mentioned above, I would like to extend my utmost and sincere apologies to all members of the Global Reanimation Block Party for my unintentionally insensitive use of the term “Zombie Apocalypse.”

    Zombie rights, of course, are no trivial matter. I believe you will find in the course of my novel that the undead are treated with respect and fairness. Thank you for your continued support as we all — both the living and the dead — move past this misunderstanding into a better, brighter, albeit slightly worse-smelling tomorrow.

    V.M. Zito

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