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Zombie Rights: The Movepocalypse

Uggh… arghhh….

Being a living person has its disadvantages. I think muscle pulls and strains are some of the worst.

In short, the move is done, and man was it a lot of work. We have our shiny new internet connection here at the new and improved ZRC World Headquarters, which has room for a proper goods storeroom and perhaps even a guest room for visiting activists and Zombies fleeing those pesky mobs of ignorant torchbearing living-supremacists.

Or do those focus more on Frankenstein’s creations? Hmm. It’s close enough to Undead for us, so if anyone who recently came to life on a slab with a mad scientist raving about obtaining the power of god standing nearby, and is now being pursued by angry yet colorful villagers, and also happens to be in the Madison area, particularly the south side around the PD, look us up! We’ll provide shelter.

Let’s see.. Zombie March this weekend. We’re totally stoked, though I’ve misplaced my camera’s battery and need to find it tomorrow to take pictures and video. At least one of our favorite living people in the world is going to be there, so that’s even better than it already was. I hope the weather holds out – not sure about Chicago, but it was nice and cool here in Wisconsin today.

Well, I’m rambling. Lots of pics and stuff from the march in two short days.


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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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