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Porn Company Prepares to Ride out Zombie Apocalypse?

This story about prejudice and the negative framing of the so-called ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (instead of the much preferable term ‘Global Reanimation Block Party’) is more than a little bizarre:

“Debbie Does End of Days”?

San Fernando Valley porn purveyors Pink Visual may be the only adult film company equipped to release such a title, as they are planning on “riding out the 2012 apocalypse in style” by building an “enormous underground bunker” in anticipation of the December 21, 2012 apocalypse.

“Our goal is nothing less than to survive the apocalypse to come in comfort and luxury,” Pink Visual spokesman Quentin Boyer told CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate. “Whether that catastrophe takes the form of fireballs flung earthward by an all-seeing deity, extended torrential rainfall, Biblical rapture, an earthquake-driven mega-tsunami, radioactive flesh-eating zombies, or some combination of the above.”

An end of the world bunker? Well, at least they’re hedging their bets against all sorts of ludicrous end of the world scenarios, but the prejudice against Zombies is striking. Comparing an entire subgroup of people to natural disasters? That’s highly offensive, Quentin Boyer. Highly offensive.

While the whole story has more than a little of the old ‘media stunt’ feel to it, the ZRC nonetheless condemns the construction of any end of the world bunkers that are designed to exclude the Differently Animated.

For shame.

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