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‘Happy Place’ Zombie Novel

This article is all well and good but doesn’t really give us the details we need to determine definitively if this new Zombie novel is friendly to the Differently Animated (though it hints that no, it isn’t):

Happy Place is a “brainless” read, according to Al Leduc. The author said he would be hard-pressed to find a more fitting word to describe the zombie novel he recently had self-published.

The spoof, which “makes fun of every B-movie you’ve seen,” was written in the typical “overused Hollywood formula,” using all the traditional players expected to appear in a zombie story.

“Zombie movies — they’re all bad, right?” Leduc said with a smile.

I wouldn’t say ALL, Mr. Leduc. Most, surely. But we’ve seen a few that were legitimately Zombie Friendly.

The novel apparently has a lot of small town flavor from the Northerly climes, along with what appears to be some demagoguing against the Elderly Undead:

Before long, Alfie and John are both revealing secrets about themselves, while trying to outrun a horde of elderly zombies (who still have perfectly functional digestive tracts). “Hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of it,” Leduc said.

I know that it can be difficult to bridge the generation gap with senior citizens but I fail to see how running from them just because a few have temporarily died and been reanimated will help!

At any rate, the book is available online and in Canada, for those interested in evaluating the latest potential literary menace against the Undead.

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