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‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Gag Trailer Shows More of the Same, Plus Ridiculously Over the Top Sexism

I was all prepared to rip into this new trailer for ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ for the usual litany of (perfectly valid) complaints about the rampant Living Supremacism of the RE Series, but I have to admit in all honesty I was distracted by something else: truly rampant to the point-of-anachronism, classic b-movie sexism.

Check it out:

Yes, that’s right, the new commando-heroine of the RE series goes on board a ship with a skintight jumpsuit that shows off her cleavage, runs around with her hair in her eyes bemoaning why this is happening to her, then uses up all her ammunition, throws her gun at the ‘Monster’ and.. promptly falls down when she tries to run.

Wow. That’s like three bad movies worth of horror movie cliche in less than 2 minutes! Outstanding efficiency!

And then… PSYCH! Turns out that wasn’t the new heroine, it was a random victim.

Who, what, boards an abandoned cruise ship armed and in a skintight jumpsuit? Is this a world where people routinely pull this James Bond-meets-Charlie’s Angels routine? I mean, that’s what it implies.

Good grief.

Also in the news, this latest RE is being used to push the newest hardware accessory for Nintendo:

Known as Biohazard Revelations in Japan, Nintendo announced an early 2012 projected release date for the horror survival game. Resident Evil Revelations is one of several upcoming titles that Nintendo revealed will use the Expansion Slide Pad accessory. The Expansion Slide Pad will provide a second slide pad for the right side of the Nintendo 3DS portable game console and retail at 1,500 yen (about US$20).

I’m a bit surprised as to how cheap this accessory is. Seriously. Is Nintendo looking to make these really flimsy, or to lose money selling the hardware?

Knowing Nintendo, it’s the latter, and that means they’re taking a loss to help promote Anti-Zombie hatred.


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