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Lurch for the Cure: The Auction

As Mel Brooks said, it’s all about the merchandizing.

Ok, he said it more like ‘moichandizing’, but you get the idea. We here at the ZRC are thrilled with the results of our advocacy and the ongoing Lurch for the Cure campaign and have decided to stage a big event in the so-called real world, taking pro-Zombie activism into the veritable heart of darkness: a horror convention.

As observant readers of our frontpage may have noted, the ZRC has a booth at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention in Indianapolis, IN on July 9th-11th. We’ll have our usual assortment of goods, both benefitting the ZRC and the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation through Lurch for the Cure, but we started asking ourselves: is this enough? Or could we possibly take on more hilariously-unprofitable work on behalf of the Differently Animated?

Of course we can! Thus I am very happy to announce the First Annual Lurch for the Cure Silent Auction. Simply come by our booth in the convention hall at Famous Monsters on Saturday, July 10th, and you can bid on the best assortment of Zombie-related goods we could beg and grovel for, from independent artists and filmmakers across the country. We’re still soliciting donations and a full listing of our benefactors will go up shortly, along with tantalizing information on their contributions, but for now we have to hold you in suspense.

For this one event we at the ZRC are even willing to let bygones be bygones and take generous donations from less than Zombie-Correct individuals, people who might wish to improve their public image and undo some of the harm their work has inflicted on the Differently Animated community. If you are such a person, who has profited from the negative portrayal of Zombies in the past, and wish to make amends, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Absolutely 100% of all money collected in the auction goes to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. We already had the booth and various convention expenses covered, so you don’t have to worry about subsidizing our slow descent into insolvency with your auction moneys. Spend freely! Spend wantonly! Give us your money!

(It will probably feel good to count it. Ideally we’ll get so many fine items to sell off, and so many well-off suckers, err, patrons, that there will be a Scrooge McDuck worthy pile at the end of the event and we can roll around on it joyously, if briefly)

Once again I have to say, this opportunity for outreach would not be possible without the kindness and generosity of the horror community, many of whom on any other day would be facing a ZRC picket line. On July 10th, however, if we can help out a great cause while generating a bit of good will for our Undead Brethren, why, that’ll be fine by us. We can have a ceasefire for one day.

Hope to see you (and your sweet delicious cash) there, Zombie Fans.

(If you have a Zombie-related item you would like to donate, please contact the ZRC via email at and we will get you all set up, plus probably gush about how awesome you are for helping. Even if your name is George Romero.)

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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