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‘Magic: The Gathering’ Resorts to Anti-Zombie Ad Campaign for ‘Innistrad’

I’d been hearing for some time that the newest expansion in perennial favorite collectible card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’ was going to be substantially Zombie-themed, and I had some hope that it might, MIGHT represent some long-sought improvements to the depiction of the Differently Animated in gaming media.

Whether ‘Innistrad’, the aforementioned expansion, actually does the Zombie Community any favors has yet to be seen, but one thing is clear: the advertising campaign to promote it has been distinctly Anti-Zombie.

Here, take a look at these screengrabs from an animated ad that was running on Penny Arcade last week:

Oh, they do? How nice!

I see.  Har-har.

Shocking and crass.

Needless to say, The Zombie Rights Campaign condemns this inflammatory and prejudiced stereotyping of the Differently Animated, coming especially from a company that caters to an extremely wide audience including many impressionable youths! Just think, if the next generation of game players grows up thinking this sort of rhetoric is acceptable, how will they ever learn to adjust to, and even accept, the presence of their Undead fellow citizens?

Not to mention the great offense that Wizards of the Coast has caused to the Differently Animated community itself by running advertising like this.

For shame, Wizards of the Coast. For shame!

Zombie Rights allies should of course feel free to contact WotC and let them know that this sort of Anti-Zombie pandering is simply unacceptable in the current day and age (not that it should have been acceptable years ago!).

(For outreach purposes, I can heartily recommend twitter, and here’s theirs if you want to make a complaint in person :D)

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