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‘Zombie Zone’ Sign

This is one of those products that is sort of ambiguous in its Zombie Friendliness:



Looks like a warning sign-Zombie Zone! Plastic corrugate, in polybag with header. 17in high x 22in wide.

Is this a sign warning people about Zombies, as in, ‘Stay away from these awful Undead creatures’, or warning them to be careful OF Zombies, like, I dunno, a School Zone sign?

Drive carefully in case your Undead neighbor is a bit slow to get across the road with that bad leg? That sort of thing?

Really there’s no way to tell, even if our occasional verbal sparring partners over at BuyZombie have their own cynical take on the matter:

Zombie Zone Lawn Sign

With Halloween quickly approaching some people may want to pick up a Zombie Zone lawn sign in order to celebrate the season. We know the real reason most of our readers would want one though – to let others know not to enter their gated back yard unless they want to become zombie chow. I know most of you out there keep zombies as a form of protection.

It’s a mistake, one that will eventually cost you your very lives or cause an outbreak in your neighborhood.

Ha-ha, very droll.

As to the original product itself (apparently unavailable for the moment) I think it could go either way. Zombie Friendly signage to protect the Undead, or Anti-Zombie product to defame them?

We report, you decide.

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One Response to “‘Zombie Zone’ Sign”

  1. Michelle says:

    It doesn’t say “Warning” anywhere on it. And like you said, it looks like a school crossing type sign. Or deer crossing or something like that. Personally, I think it means to brake for zombies.

    Hm, I’m thinking of a bumper sticker…

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