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Fulci’s ‘Zombie’ Coming to Blu-Ray

Well, I suppose this was inevitable:

There’s just something sticky and icky about Lucio Fulci’s 1981 gorefest in Zombie, which is loosely a follow-up to the events in Dawn of the Dead. The gore is outrageous. The zombies are nasty decaying corpses. The women have nice boobs and big bushes, and of course: there’s a sequence that pits a zombie against a shark!

And, finally, Blue Underground is bringing this bad mama-jama to HD for the first time ever on October 25th.

Yes, ‘Zombie’ is one of the most infamous movies in all of Anti-Zombie film history. Personally I find Fulci a bit hard to watch even aside from the Anti-Zom prejudice, but I’ll probably have to pick the ZRC up a copy of ‘Zombie’ on Blu-Ray for the old film archive and do a proper review of this new, and no doubt heinous, edition of the prejudiced film ‘classic’.

We have to understand our foe in order to defeat them in the marketplace of ideas, after all.

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