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Veterinarians vs Zombies?

Why must so many of those trained in the various healing arts be so indifferent toward the plight of the Differently Animated?

Well, ‘Walking Dead’ isn’t helping:

The AMC hit zombie show, “The Walking Dead,” recently added a veterinarian to the cast of characters and he’s working on saving a kid who was shot, because, of course, in a zombie apocalypse, doctors are in short supply.

This turn of events got the American Veterinary Medical Association to thinking how vets could be beneficial to the human race in such an unlikely scenario.

“Some of us here are fans of the show and it’s great to see a vet highlighted in a positive way,” said Michael San Filippo, a press guy for the AVMA.

Oh sure, the vet comes off ok, but what about the Undead? Does the AVMA really want its members associated with rampant cruelty to Zombies? What about Zombie pets? Don’t they need care?

Apparently those with Zombie pets should be very careful what vets they take their animals to:

Dr. John Vinciguerra, of the Tri-County Veterinary Hospital in Pilesgrove, was a bit less confident.

“I don’t know if I’d be able to help, unless I worked on finding a cure,” he said.

He did show a commendable regard for all of humankind, though.

If you get bit, “I could euthanize you so you don’t bite anyone and create more zombies,” said Dr. John.

Euthanize all zombies? Isn’t that a bit drastic?

“Well, I’m not trying to win over the zombies,” he said.

Wow. I guess Dr. John Vinciguerra is a real Living Supremacist bigot, huh?

Good to know.

Once again we have the evil Robert Kirkman to thank for helping to foment this conflict with his divisive and, let’s face it, evil ‘entertainment’ products. For shame. For shame.

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