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Lurch for the Cure Auction Items #2-3


The next auction items to arrive via the magic of the Postal Service were two autographed books from famous horror author David Wellington, who has applied his own unique takes to horror mainstays like vampires, werewolves and, yes, unfortunately Zombies in three separate hit series of novels. The ‘Monster’ line (Monster Island, Monster Nation and Monster Planet) tell of a very unusual Zombie apocalypse indeed, and the ZRC will be doing a more in-depth piece on the pros and cons of the Wellington approach to Zombies in fiction at a later date. For now, as part of the charity amnesty, we’re looking past the less favorable aspects of Zombie coverage in his books, and focusing more on their high popularity and edge-of-your-seat reading quality.

Charity can make mercenaries of us all.


As you can see, each book is hand-signed by the author; the handwriting samples should come in very handy indeed for any future ‘Crimes Against Zombie-Humanity’ trials, or perhaps a Living-Undead Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

We heartily recommend spending a great deal of money on them.

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