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‘All Zombies Must Die’ Released, Much to Our Dismay

We’ve been following this one on the ZRC blog for a while, and at last, the dread time is upon us:

Microsoft and doublesix have announced that the Xbox 360 version of All Zombies Must Die! is now available via Xbox LIVE, priced 800 MP. The spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn! drops up to four players into the town of Deadhill, where they must blast their way through ranks of brain hungry monsters with a variety of weaponry while completing quests

Oh good, they have QUESTS, that makes it all better, right?


Just look at this trailer, which makes it pretty clear who the aggressors are in this game’s universe:

Yes, we just have to send thugs into Zombie towns to rough up the Undead. It’s not like Zombies have problems already!

Unbelievable, truly.

The makers of this, ahem, game have an offensive website you can view here for more info.

As for me, the rank prejudice here has irritated my sensitive brain, so I need to go find some aspirin or something.

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