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To Make This Anti-Zombie Movie They Needed Ignorance, Fear and Hatred, But Not a Script

I’m not kidding with that title, folks:

Hollywood has come to Youngstown to shoot a movie in less than a week with hundreds of local actors, extras and production staff.

“The Zombinator,” an independent horror flick, is in production right now and uses Youngstown and surrounding communities as its backdrop.

Myers first came to Youngstown to shoot a fashion documentary, but decided the abandoned buildings and economically depressed area would be perfect for a zombie movie.

“Let’s do something in Youngstown to kind of bring a little hope to the town, bring a little positive energy. You know, this is a beautiful place, there’s beautiful backdrops, beautiful locations for movies, and do something for this town on their Christmas holidays,” Myers said.

Myers and crew are shooting the film in four and half days with no script and are using just a basic outline and directions.

To be fair, you might ASSUME that most Anti-Zombie films were shot without a script; after a while they do tend to blur together. Still, to come right out and admit that what your audiences want is aimless cinematic violence? Ouch. Crass, mercenary.. surprisingly honest..

I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much from a movie called ‘The Zombinator’.

PS: Bonus points for positioning the shooting of a divisive, violent pogrom against a disenfranchised community as some sort of benevolent social charity, just in time for Christmas. Good grief. Quite the contrast with all the actual good work the Differently Animated do in their communities every day.

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