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The ZRC Attempts to Correct a Shipping Error

Recently, we shipped the prestigious award for Zombie of the Year 2011 to our worthy recipient, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, over in the hopefully-more-Zombie-Tolerant-soon United Kingdom.

Sadly, it arrived a bit banged up.

Thus the ZRC has set out to rectify our mistake and ship a new copy without bends, crumples, wrinkles or imperfections!

For the Zombies! And our pride as an e-merchant and online rights lobby!


A new copy, signed and sealed, ready to go with extra cardstock as backing.

A folder to hold it in.

Pamphlets to accompany it on the long journey.

Bubble wrapped and taped…

Sealed in the box with Zombie Christmas cheer. Those are hippy-dippy organic candy canes I got at the Co-Op here in Madison. Real sugar, vegetable food colorings. Yum.

I then labeled the box all over…

Fighting the stereotypes even on our shipping containers..

Until the art director reminded me the Post Office doesn’t like that, so we had to reseal it in even more paper.


Now, before our greenie enviro-cred is lost forever, I have to point out that the bubble wrap and wrapping paper were salvaged from previous shipping needs and re-used, so no angry emails please! It is all for a good cause.

The cause of Zombie Rights, and also, making up for a poor shipping outcome.

Here’s hoping it finds its way safe and sound to the UK this time.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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