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Sad Times for English Zombies (And Everyone Else)

| July 28, 2012

The ZRC blog reported extensively on the arrest/persecution of UK Zombie Activists (or just those dressed as Zombies, minding their own business). In fact, our most recent Zombie of the Year was one of said unjustly detained activists, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, who bravely fought against said injustices in court. Tragically, and in our opinion inexplicably, the [...]

The ZRC Attempts to Correct a Shipping Error

| January 5, 2012

Recently, we shipped the prestigious award for Zombie of the Year 2011 to our worthy recipient, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, over in the hopefully-more-Zombie-Tolerant-soon United Kingdom. Sadly, it arrived a bit banged up. Thus the ZRC has set out to rectify our mistake and ship a new copy without bends, crumples, wrinkles or imperfections! For the Zombies! [...]

The ZRC Zombie of the Year for 2011

| December 17, 2011

I trust you’re all aware of the proud list of nominees we selected for the shortlist for this, the ZRC’s award honoring the very best and noblest efforts by a Zombie to improve the public image of the Zombie Community and advance the cause of Zombie Rights. If not then I do humbly suggest you [...]

Zombie of the Year 2011 Nominations

| December 10, 2011

It has been a momentous year for Zombie Rights. The ZRC has done outreach galore, dipped our toes into political controversy, led a Zombie Rights rally in Illinois and even participated in the world’s first (to our knowledge) Zombie Rights Debate in Victoria, Texas. But this post isn’t about us. Standing up for the rights [...]

Zombie Rights Work Is Never Done: Announcements, Plans

| December 6, 2011

So I’ve salvaged the ZRC’s computational engine just in the nick of time, and upgraded all our important stuff to being stored safe and sound off-site via the magic of Dropbox. Good thing too, because the tips are coming in fast and furious on Twitter. For example, did you know that Star Trek: Enterprise had [...]