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Lenovo Uses (Unauthorized?) Anti-Zombie Violence to Promote Laptops

In the growing Tablet pc era laptops are often seen as an endangered species* and the question of how to promote the older form factor against the very trendy tablet market seems to be driving some computer makers barmy.

Or, in the case of Lenovo, into simulated Anti-Zombie violence:

Behold the first absolutely wacky advertisement spot for the Lenovo slim notebook V370, complete with no less than Plants vs Zombies characters, Angry Birds, and an epic battle to the death with Bruce Lee! The point this particular spot appears to be trying to get across is that the V370 is both strong and slim, but you wouldn’t know it was a commercial for a laptop if you didn’t see the first and last 5 seconds of the video. Thus is the way laptops must be promoted in the fact of Ultrabooks, we suppose, now that strength beats down the traditional size and shape of a standard laptop.

Well, when you say ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ and ‘Angry Birds’, I think you may mean knockoffs thereof, Slashgear. Those Zombie heads in particular look a bit off model; was this authorized?

Ditto for the pig from Angry Birds.

At any rate, official or otherwise, the video is full of silly yet still troubling martial arts violence against the Undead, or people dressed up as Undead with giant mascot-size heads:

The ZRC condemns this ad for continuing the long-running trope of depicting Anti-Zombie martial arts as somehow acceptable or laudable. For shame, Lenovo. Zombies do not deserve to be pelted about the face and head just to show off your new computing devices.

*Personally, I’m still a laptop fan

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