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Lurch for the Cure: The Poster

Saturday morning at the convention we brave members of the ZRC leadership ventured into the lion’s den, the pit of iniquity itself, the ‘Hall of the Living Dead’ on a rare and perilous mission of outreach:

Get a bunch of zombie-movie celebrities, many of whom have made careers on Zombie-hatred, to sign a custom made poster to benefit cancer research, and help rehabilitate the image of Zombies in the process.

It was a risky endeavour, but thankfully, it paid off – big time!

First, take a look at the poster:


Isn’t that gorgeous? Look how well it turned out, and it was even more beautiful framed.

Now take a look at all the great signatures we got to go with it:


and here


and here are some more


more still


yet more


Here’s a handy list of all the great sports who signed the poster:

Judith O’Dea
George Konana
John Russo
Charles Craig
Gary Streiner
Herbert Summer
Kyra Schon
Bill Hinzman
Allan Trautman
Beverly Randolph
Tom Savini
Terry Alexander
Michael Gornick
Mark Tierno
Leonard A. Lies

and of course, our resident ZRC artist, Jenny Rowland

The poster sold, I am very happy to say, and brought in some serious change for the Lurch. We at the ZRC are eternally grateful to all the above individuals, no matter their past history with Zombies (we’re especially looking at you Mr. Savini and Mr. Russo). This was a great thing, and a great event, and will go down forever in the annals of Zombie Rights as a golden moment of outreach between the moviemaking and Zombie communities.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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