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Lurch for the Cure Goes on Ebay

So the Famous Monsters Convention was a blast. We talked to a lot of people, sold some stuff, and raised quite a bit of money via our auction…

But unfortunately, the crowds on Saturday and Sunday weren’t as large as we’d hoped, and a few items didn’t get sold. Not to worry though; we’re putting the magic of the internet to work and slapping them up on ebay!

Yes, that’s right, now those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to attend our in-person event can help out a great cause by way of the internet. Simply bid on any of the following items and all proceeds, ie everything that ebay gives US after the sale, goes directly to Lynn Sage. We’re just going to roll it all up into one check and mail it off immediately once these auctions conclude.

As of the end of the Famous Monsters convention, the Lurch had raised over two hundred dollars for Lynn Sage, but we know that’s not nearly enough, and so did other people at the convention, who kindly chipped in additional goods for us to sell, some of which we still have on hand. The good people at Synapse Films in particular donated 3 of their special edition releases to us to use in any Lurch-related manner we see fit. So we are!

Also arriving late by postal mixup was a signed copy of the Zombies!!! board game, Director’s Cut edition, signed by the designer, Todd Breitenstein! Get this game and learn how to, err… defeat… yeah. I can’t sell it that way. Get this game and learn how Zombies are mistreated in the world of tabletop entertainment!

Here are the ebay listings for all the items yet to be sold for a good cause. Bid early, bid often, give till it hurts!

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die Special Edition
Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy
Monster Nation, Signed by David Wellington
Monster Planet, Signed by David Wellington
Zombies!!! Directors Cut, Signed by Designers
The Toxic Avenger, Signed by Lloyd Kaufman, Unrated Director’s Cut DVD

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