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Real Life ‘Plants vs Zombies’?

Are you satisfied now, PopCap? Do you see what you’ve started?

Nothing quite like real life plants vs zombies. In this one they show Matt Nagle telling you exactly which plants you should be looking to invest in to keep your lawn safe from those pesky undead.

Yes indeed, he offers advice on which sharp, spiny and/or actually POISONOUS plants to put around your home:

Oleander in particular seems like bad advice. First of all, Zombies are human, and their physiology is derived from the more ‘standard’ Living model, so oleander is unlikely to kill them. It is, however, a skin and eye irritant and much more dangerous to many animals, including dogs and horses. It may pose a greater risk to children too.

So in your quest to harm local Zombies (who were only trying to admire your gardening) you may hurt dogs, kids, and (where applicable) horses.

Who’s the real villain here? Not the Zombies I think.

Not the Zombies at all.

Update: This video seems to be a promotional exercise from Lancaster Farms, a Suffolk, Virginia area plant nursery business with a very active Youtube presence.

I suggest Zombies and their allies boycott this obviously Anti-Zombie business.

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