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Chicago Fear Fest Adds ‘Juan of the Dead’ to Lineup

We’ve mentioned ‘Juan of the Dead’ a bit here on the ZRC blog, as it’s been getting regular attention in the press for being a fairly unusual film. Hailing from the more-typically arty and somewhat isolated Cuban film scene, ‘Juan of the Dead’ is instead an attempt to land some of that (tragically) lucrative Anti-Zombie ‘comedy’ market’s money. (The so-called Zom-coms, like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Zombieland’, you know, movies where they crack jokes while beating up innocent Zombies).

Being the first Anti-Zombie film from Cuba to reach the international scene it also, sadly, puts that country on the map alongside such longstanding Zom-bashers as the Italy, Japan and the United States, and joins a recent wave of independent Anti-Zombie films hailing from around the world that we’ve been documenting here at the ZRC.

It’s sort of like an outbreak of some highly infectious disease. One might call it a Film-pocalypse, if one was so inclined.

At any rate, I had set my mind to seeing ‘Juan of the Dead’ for review purposes someday when it was convenient, or just importing a Region 2 disc, but now thanks to those clever devils at Chicago Fear Fest it looks like our date with destiny will be sooner rather than later

The new cult cuban zombie comedy “JUAN OF THE DEAD” from Outsider Pictures joins the amazing CHICAGO FEAR FEST line-up including personal appearances by film makers Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Sarah Elbert, screenings of their new horror-sitcom “HOLLISTON”, screening of “HATCHET 2” introduced by Adam Green, the Chicago Premiere of “REC 3”, the kick-off of the nationwide theatrical road-show tour of “THE MOLEMAN OF BELMONT AVENUE” starring Robert Englund, “NAILBITER”, the feature film from director Patrick Rea, the zombie comedy “A CADAVER CHRISTMAS”, an independent horror film fest featuring the best in indie feature films and shorts, panel discussions, after parties presented by FEARnet and hosted by Zombie Army Productions.

Between ‘REC 3′, ‘Cadaver Christmas’ and now ‘Juan of the Dead’ this is sizing up to be a very efficient weekend for those interested in keeping abreast of Zombie-related film developments.

I suppose I’d better look at hotels. Damn you, Chicago Fear Fest!

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