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Horrorhound: Souvenirs and Research Materials

Going to a convention for the ZRC isn’t just about outreach, of course – we also use these opportunities to gather vital intelligence on the Anti-Zombie movement, its propaganda and popularity, as well as search for other Zombie Friendly products and potential allies.

We really had a great haul in this regard from Horrorhound Columbus:


Highlights include:


A selection of Zombie Movies to review, including the sure cinematic gem ‘Hillbilly Bob Zombie’.


A signed photograph of Kitty Zombie totally not devouring a little girl, contrary to stereotyping.


Books! The written word! Copies of ‘Z Magazine’, which claims to be the first magazine by Zombies, FOR Zombies (we previously discussed it here) and ‘Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide’, which I’ve heard is a tremendous reference work that shall be very useful in our blogging work here.


Promotional materials from the Save the Evans City Chapel people, Atomic Age Cinema monsters and The Dark Carnival Film Festival, which we have always attended and which always provides a more original, and less stereotyped, Zombie cinematic lineup.

Oh yes, and a Bub beer opener, reminding us of the best character by far in ‘Day of the Dead’


A rather Anti-Zombie miniposter from Essential Graffix, which I’ll formally dissect later.


A piece of original and far Zombie Friendlier art from Essential Graffix and finally, last but not least, our own copy of ‘Brains for the Zombie Soul’ from ZRC Pal Michelle Hartz. The art director is reading it right now, and I’ll soon complete my own formal review.

And I still have more stuff around here somewhere! Conventions really are great for ZRC work, and help keep us busy.

Busy working for Zombie Rights.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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