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“Mormons vs Zombies”?

Although it’s often overlooked these days, Anti-Zombie prejudice in America was long associated with Zombies of a supernatural or religious origin rather than the Zombiism of a biological or chemical nature that so paralyzes the public consciousness lately. Zombies were supposedly a symptom of the dangerous Other, a spiritual or cultural affliction, one that presumably could be cured with our own, allegedly superior one.

Apparently these beliefs did not die out entirely, as this unfortunate Youtube video ‘Mormons vs Zombies’ highlights:

Now, longtime readers will know the ZRC is generally opposed to a ‘cure’ for Zombiism, since being a Zombie is a positive, Unlife affirming thing, not a disease or plague. Still, seeing this video reminded me that the line between ‘Zombie’ and ‘Demon’ is hazy indeed, and Zombies are quite likely to face religious persecution for their mere existence.

Can you imagine how discouraging it would be to have missionaries show up your door to refute your very Unlife, rather than just try to push some literature on you?

Very disturbing, and very, very offensive.

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