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BBC to do Potentially Zombie Friendly Miniseries?!

Finally some good news about Zombies in the media:

BBC Drama Production has secured four new drama commissions: Frankie, The Musketeers and The Lady Vanishes for BBC One and and In The Flesh for BBC Three.

In The Flesh is a three-part event drama, the first TV commission for Dominic Mitchell. It was developed by the BBC Drama Production team in Salford and discovered through Northern Voices, a BBC Writersroom competition.

Mitchell’s script begins after the Zombie Uprising has been quelled by the Human Volunteer Force and life is starting to return to normal. Any surviving zombies have been captured, medicated, held in an NHS holding facility in Norfolk and are being slowly re-integrated back into society, with the help of contact lenses and cover up mousse.

Now, I’m not happy right off the bat with the ‘Zombie Uprising’ part. Though at least they’re not saying ‘Apocalypse’, they frame it (rightly) as a political struggle (an unfortunate one, of course).

And hey! Reintegration into society. Perhaps via a Truth and Reconciliation Committee? Those work pretty well.

This is indeed rare territory for a Zombie drama to cover. Most in the media assume, wrongly of course, that the way to deal with a sudden influx of the Undead is to fortify a nearby structure and start fighting amongst themselves until the Living people all get eaten.

Don’t ask us why. We just watch the movies/play the games/read the comics/and the novels.

There have been exceptions. The outstanding ‘Dead Eyes Open’ dealt well with Zombie political struggle, and ‘Breathers’, while highly imperfect, also touched on Undead integration. ‘Fido’ was also a worthy mention on this topic.

I’ve heard very good things about ‘American Zombie’ too.

So, to recap: the BBC is going to give Zombies a chance at living a normal Unlife, at least on BBC Three.

Good show!

Story brought to us by one of our trusted UK contacts.

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