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Prague and Zombies

We have another case here, I’m afraid, of the Anti-Zombie media putting a real negative spin on a fun Zombie event:

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (CBS) — Prague’s historic city centre was taken over by hundreds of the walking dead in the annual festival the Zombie Walk on Saturday.

It’s the fifth year for the event with participants making their way to the historical city’s centre.

People from all over the country dressed up as the scary creatures, sporting red paint to mimic blood, false teeth and eyes, with one participant seen with a needle through her tongue.

‘Scary’? Oh come now. Zombies aren’t all scary, CBS! Some are quite lovable really.

And that ‘needle through her tongue’? It’s called a piercing, and I’ve seen lots of Living people with them.

Not saying that piercing your tongue is hugely commonplace, and it’s surely more involved than an ear piercing, but come on, CBS. Pierced tongue does not equal Zombie.

Fortunately there seems to be a happy ending for this Prague event:

The walk finished at the Rudolfinum Music Hall with many zombies partying the night away into the early hours.

That’s lovely, we mean it. Congrats, Prague, from The Zombie Rights Campaign.

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