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Vandalizing Road Signs Isn’t Just for Warning About Zombies Anymore

I don’t know whether to be comforted or saddened that Zombies have company in the Unjust and Probably Unsafe Road Sign defacement department:

A motorway sign warning of a possible Dalek sized obstruction! Pathetic!


The sign, located at on eastbound Arapahoe before 48th Street, was in fact a prank. With the Colorado Department of Transportation having already changed to sign to warn motorists of a non-interstellar delay ahead?


I should probably have learnt my lesson after that whole ‘Zombies ahead’ sign fiasco last year. So many graveyards unnecessarily purged with fire.


Yes. Ahem. Don’t ‘purge’ graveyards with fire, whether to target Zombies or otherwise. It’s rude, America.

It’s just rude.

And this guilt by association thing with Daleks is rude too! Zombies don’t try to destroy the entire universe with a bomb that, say, negates the existence of electromagnetism.

Nope. Not Zombies. Daleks do, though.

Keep that in mind. Zombies are your friends.

Daleks? Not so much…

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