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I Will Admit to a Bit of Vampire Rights Envy

Sometimes, defending Zombies, you have to marvel at, and, yes, envy the press coverage of Vampires.

Now we have no beef with Vampires. So long as they do not sparkle. Sparkly vampires are an abomination before society and must be dealt with… harshly.

But regular vamps are all right by the Zombie Rights Movement. We’d love to ally with them in fact.

In part because they get, err, vastly better press treatment.

Case in point:

The official website for the Blood-C: The Last Dark film announced on Friday that 13 blood donation rooms in Tokyo will launch a Blood-C: The Last Dark campaign next Saturday. While supplies last, blood donors at these 13 locations can ask to receive an original blood donor campaign poster (pictured right) which reads, “Let’s go donate blood.”

Using Vampires to promote blood donation? No offense, but Vampires, through no fault of their own, need to DRINK blood. Isn’t that rather the opposite thing, unless (and this is not the case here) they get to drink the donated blood?

Seems like a bit of a raw deal for the vamps, but the point here is that Vampires get to be the stars of public service campaigns, and Zombies.. typically get to be the targets.

We have lots of work to do.

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