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An Anti-Zombie Tarot Deck, Apparently

I’m not exactly big into Tarot, though the art director used to play around with it. As far as card-games go, I always tended less toward quasi-mysticism and more toward Magic the Gathering (at least until it went full Living Supremacist of late).

Still, this Anti-Zombie looking Tarot deck is unfortunate for all lovers of card tricks, fortune-telling or the Undead:

Such is the case with the visually graphic, spiritually stimulating Zombie Tarot deck, meant to provide “insight and ammunition for surviving the uprising of the undead.” And its release is perfect timing, seeing as how some poor shmuck just got his face eaten off.

Carl Jung was one of the first heavy thinkers to attach psychoanalytical importance to the symbolism in tarot, and if the first card in Zombie Tarot (The Fool) is any indication, we’re all fucked from birth: As a good-looking man in 1950s attire walks through a graveyard, hands reach out for the goods he’s bringing, presumably for dearly departed loved ones. The Fool represents the beginning of endless possibilities, and mostly dead ones. The instruction handbook warns, “Our hero begins his journey with a spring in his step, unaware of the zombie claws reaching for his feet.”

It goes on like that quite a bit, and the article linked has many large pictures of the gruesome, heavily stereotyped artwork. Zombies gnawing on severed limbs, clambering onto boats from the water, causing mayhem aplenty.

All very sad. Tarot’s value as a predictive aid is certainly dubious, but this card set does tell us one thing: the future for the Zombie Rights Movement has a lot of work in store, and a seemingly endless array of products trying to cash-in on bashing the Undead.

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