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Illinois Attacks Zombies to Promote Wearing Seatbelts

Truly a bizarre story out of Illinois, especially considering that it’s home to the Zombie Friendly city of Chicago (where we recently marched for Zombie Rights, for instance):

Still they are HILARIOUS that my home state of Illinois put ZOMBIES IN THEIR COMMERCIALS! So much of awesomeness here. The Illinois Department of Transportation really has hit a home run here for creating something so perfect to be entertaining while making sure people remember to buckle up.

I’m just going to assume the all-caps parts indicate sarcasm there, BuyZombie bigwig Stuart Conover. So we can stay friendly.

It’s true though, Illinois appears to be trying to use the Undead as a threat, to get its citizens to.. buckle their seatbelts.

Although from the video, even assuming one was afraid of Zombies (can’t imagine why), better advice might be to *lock the doors of your car*. Good grief! Next time it might be a serial killer with a hook for a hand, like in those scary stories kids tell each other.

There are at least three variations on the commercial, one with a white guy in English, and another with a Hispanicy guy in Spanish. Which makes sense, I guess, language barriers being what they are…

But the third commercial is identical to the English White Guy version, except with a black actor:

So.. does Illinois assume that white and black people will only take the buckle-up message seriously if they see someone of their own skin-tone getting attacked by the Undead? That’s depressing in its own right, separate from the Undead Inequality aspect.

The Zombie Rights Campaign, of course, maintains that public safety and Zombie bashing don’t have to, nor should they, mix.

For shame, Illinois. Think of your Zombie citizens next time! Citizens like these:


They deserve better.

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