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‘Dead Before Dawn 3D’

Wow. I for one am severely disappointed in Christopher Lloyd for appearing in upcoming Anti-Zombie (and Anti-Demon) film, ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D‘:

So basically, let me get this straight. An irresponsible shop owner keeps a magical weapon of mass destruction sitting on a high shelf where it can fall and be released. He allows an idiot access to the area who then breaks it, as one might expect. *Thousands die* and are reanimated a bit cranky about the whole thing.

Which is understandable!

And we’re supposed to be rooting for the Living characters why, precisely? They’re less like the Scooby Gang and more like a particularly moronic branch of Al Qaeda that lucks into a dirty bomb. I see nothing from this trailer to indicate that the Zombie Demons (Zemons) are the bad guys. But I’m sure the filmmakers would disagree.

We talked about ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D’ before here on the ZRC blog, and I’d like to point out again how films like this demonstrate the blurry line between Zombie Rights and Demon Rights. Sure, some Demons are, by definition, out to destroy mankind and corrupt souls. That’s their job. But clearly in some cases, whether it be ‘Dead Before Dawn’ or ‘Evil Dead’, the Demon-Undead human hybrid individual falls closer to our jurisdiction.

We’re erring on the side of caution and standing up for Zemon Rights, in a nutshell. Because we care.

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