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Zombies as Mascots? This Could Go Poorly

Using various cultures and peoples as sports mascots has a long and often troubled history. For every ‘Fighting Irish’ that’s generally seen as harmless you have a plethora of, say, Native American mascots that are far more controversial. It’s a touchy subject.

Keeping that in mind, and also bearing in mind the current status of the Zombie Community, this proposal gives me pause:

MACON — Zombies, Armadillos, Cockroaches and the Kudzu are among suggestions for a mascot of the new Middle Georgia State College.
The Telegraph of Macon reports ( ) that they’re among more than 750 suggestions submitted for consideration for the soon-to-be consolidated institution.

Also included in the suggestions are variations on the current mascots of the two schools that will be merged into the new institution; it’s a real grab-bag.

Would the potential ‘Middle Georgia State College Zombie(s)’ be a cheerful, positive, can-do sort of mascot, or a defamatory and stereotyped one? Obviously it’s impossible to say for certain. Still, given the relative notoriety of Georgia in particular vis a vis Zombie Rights, it’s also hard to be optimistic.

I guess this is a wait and see case for now.

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