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Romero Crawls Out of His Bunker to Spread Fear

So the ‘Dean of the dead’ has graced the world with his presence once more to hold court on what further indignities and misery he can inflict upon the Differently Animated.

It’s a short interview but he still manages to dismiss both the damage he’s done and the cultural significance of Zombies, both within works foisted on the public by his followers and by the legitimate contributions to art that have been made by Zombies themselves, like Baron Mardi of Atomic Age Cinema.

Instead the interviewer seems to regard Mr. Romero as some sort of modern day oracle, posing questions about actual flesh and blood people to the man as if his word alone, by fiat, determines both the accuracy of fictional depictions and the actual nature of reality itself. “Let there be brain-eating”, he could say, and apparently it would be so.

And even the question of the modernization of Zombies is boiled down to meaningless pap as Romero is asked to choose between ‘lurching’ and ‘running’ Zombies:

Q: And where do you stand on the running vs. lurching issue?

A: Lurching. You have to shamble, man. You can’t run. In 28 Days Later, they ran, but they’re not dead. They ran in the remake of Dawn of the Dead. What did they do? Immediately join a health club? Come on. Their ankles would snap.

What a lovely image you conjure there, Mr. Anti-Zombie bigot.


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