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Flashback Weekend and ‘The Evil Clergyman’

This is more of a ‘cool stuff for H.P. Lovecraft fans’ thing than a Zombie story per se; at least, I believe the (allegedly) ‘Evil’ Clergyman is more like a ghost than a Zombie.

Or maybe a time traveler.

Still, the movie might have gone with more of an Undead route and the Art Director’s a huge Lovecraft fan so we’ll stop in and check this out at Flashback Weekend after doing our Thing Rights protesting:

Not only has the lost anthology flick Pulsepounders that has never been seen before by ANYONE finally been located, but a restoration was recently completed and one of the installments from the film is set to have its world premiere on August 11th during Flashback.

Pulsepounders, created by Charles Band in 1987-1988 during the height of Empire Pictures, was comprised of several short films including Trancers: The Unseen Sequel, The Dungeonmaster Sequel and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Evil Clergyman, but the film never saw the light of day due to unforeseen circumstances. Band recently rediscovered the anthology and has spent the last year working on restoring all three films so that fans can finally have the opportunity to see them.

Which brings us to another good reason to monitor the film: Mr. Combs. He has a *very* spotty career when it comes to Zombie Rights on film.

Very spotty.

So it’s good to keep an eye on that one.

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