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When I was a small child so long ago, far back in the mists of time, we had computers in our elementary school classrooms, and those computers had games. The game I remember most, as is true of many of my generation, was the famous ‘Oregon Trail’. In that game you play as the leader of a stalwart band of pioneers (or colonizers, if you prefer) setting off on a gruesome, arduous journey to Oregon to set up a homestead.

Mostly, it was a chance to play a videogame and claim we were learning. Some things never change.

Which brings us to a modern, even less educational, and far more Anti-Zombie version…

In OreZom Trails you have to save the world from a zombies curse. You have a book that contains the key to save the world, but it can only be used in Oregon, and you, unfortunately, are stuck on the east coast.

You’ll have to find supplies to keep yourself fed, fueled, and healthy while you roadtrip across the US to save humanity.

Along the way, uncover the mystery of the curse by recovering beautifully rendered journal pages, illustrated by Robert Case.

It’s a hard, lonely journey, and along the way you’ll meet other survivors who will help you – or at least make life more interesting!

You only have 30 days to use the book, so make sure you use your time wisely!

I don’t know about you, but I’m outraged. Encouraging the use of black magic to commit genocide against the Undead? That’s less of a game and more of a crime against humanity!

Amazing the stuff Kickstarter will allow these days.

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