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Another Scandal Involving Baron Mardi, former Zombie of the Year?

In what I can only presume is an attempt to prepare Bloomington visitors and Dark Carnival attendees for their stay the Atomic Age Cinema crew have been posting ‘Getting to Know’ videos about each of the AAC members.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

However the ZRC was alarmed by the video for our former Zombie of the Year, Baron Mardi, as it reveals perhaps far too much about some of his… what I can only describe as deviant and unwholesome behaviors. Not safe for work or anywhere else.

In the interests of full disclosure The Zombie Rights Campaign must include the video below. We caution blog readers that it is potentially highly disturbing. Watch with caution. Probably not at work.

Yikes. Just.. yikes. The Zombie Rights Campaign has a STRICT Zero-Tolerance policy on Twilight, Baron Mardi! For shame. For shame.

The other AAC videos, disturbing or alarming in their own (albeit Non-Zombie) fashion, are included below. If anyone from Bloomington’s tourism board is reading, please direct your angry emails elsewhere.

Videos below are also NSFW and may depict international criminal behavior. Please be advised.

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