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Zombie Zin: A Special ZRC Guest Review by Michelle Hartz

Years ago now, the ZRC purchased a couple bottles of Zombie Zin from an odd little store here in Madison. We were a bit puzzled as to what to do with them, as the ZRC founders had no expertise in wine, focusing primarily on Undead Rights and not the fine art of fermented grapes.

However our association with noted Zombie Friendly Author Michelle Hartz presented The Zombie Rights Campaign with an opportunity: Michelle knows wine *and* how to treat Zombies with dignity and respect. We could foist this off on delegate this to Ms. Hartz for an expert opinion!

And so at ‘Nightmare on Chicago Street’ an exchange was made, and Michelle took home our last bottle of Zombie Zin to produce a comprehensive and equitable review, which I have placed below for our collective edification.

Thanks again, Michelle!

(The bottle in question)

Zombie Zinfandel
Review by Michelle Hartz

Forgive me fellow Wineauxs (like a wino, except we drink wine from a glass), for I have sinned. It was been three days since I opened this bottle of Zombie Zin. I am ashamed of the fact that I neglected to finish off the whole bottle the first night.

But do not take that as I sign that I didn’t like the wine.

I don’t see how the founding members of the Zombie Rights Campaign could let this wine sit for so long. The zombie on the label is impeccably dressed, with his purple tux and orange mohawk. He is the essence of cool but refined. I totally want to share a bottle of wine with this dude! But alas, they claim they aren’t wine drinkers. That’s perfectly fine though, more wine for me!

The wine itself is a 2007 California Zinfandel, a dry red, much like the blood seeping from a never healing wound. The main problem I find with dry reds is that they seem to suck any semblance of moisture from your mouth, which makes me sympathize for the zombies who are no longer able to produce saliva, or may even be missing their lower jaw. Perhaps the makers of this wine had that in mind, because for a dry red, this wine is quite smooth.

In fact, perhaps this wine is called Zombie Zin because it has lived on even for it’s age. For the past year or two, it would be a good guess that it was not stored in a climate controlled area, yet it still tastes fresh, not musty at all. And then again, even once I opened the bottle, I stored it sealed in the refrigerator, and now days later there is no hint of vinegar.

In addition to it’s ability to be undead, Zombie Zin has a great fruity flavor with a bit of a buttery finish. It’s a great wine for the people who think they don’t like zinfadels because they’re too dry or bitter.

Products like this give me faith that zombies can be represented in positive light. Zombie spokesmen like our gentleman with the mohawk and tux can enjoy fine wines and show that they have refined tastes too.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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