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CERN Physics Students Make Anti-Zombie Film

The ZRC was alerted recently to a Living Supremacist movie with a twist – it was filmed at CERN, home of the famous Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle collider and general super-science Ground Zero.

This doesn’t sound good for Zombies or science. Not at all:

If you ever thought CERN would be a fun place to work you’d only be half right: The scientists who work there might be awesome, but the nuclear research center makes the perfect setting for a zombie apocalypse.

Forthcoming feature film Decay is set entirely at the Large Hadron Collider, with the massive lab serving as backdrop for a dire scenario in which zombies have been created by exposure to the recently discovered Higgs boson (so much for that whole “God Particle” thing). The concept evolved in 2010 after writer/director Luke Thompson , a Ph.D. physics student at the University of Manchester, was exploring the maintenance tunnels of the European Organization for Nuclear Research along with fellow student Hugo Day.

The trailer makes it clear that these scientists are operating under a truly tragic Anti-Zombie bias.

Naturally, The Zombie Rights Campaign has grave concerns. For one thing, as one of science’s crown jewels, CERN has a special responsibility to advance human knowledge and understanding.. NOT push ignorance and malice on the global population.

For another, we shudder to think of the impact on Zombies aspiring to work in the scientific fields. What would a young Zombie, studying physics perhaps, think about his or her career prospects after seeing ‘Decay’? What does it say to the Zombies of the world about the likely reception of their contributions to the larger human community?

It’s certainly not encouraging. The scientific community has a long way to go toward true Zombie Tolerance.

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One Response to “CERN Physics Students Make Anti-Zombie Film”

  1. sam says:

    The whole film is available now. looks like some of the scientists are onside with the zombies, so maybe not all bad. I know plenty of profs who value zombies as students.

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