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Fearful, Misguided Nation Stocking Up on Weapons in Fear of the Undead?

Truly a sad story comes to us from the Huffington Post (although for inexplicable reasons they seem to think it’s funny rather than sad):

My reports that, according to FBI data, background checks for guns rose 20 percent on Black Friday from the same day last year. According to KIRO, one gun rights advocate said part of the reason for the increase is zombies.

“A lot of people appear to be really enthralled by this,” Dave Workman said. “I’ve seen lines of zombie targets, I know one or two ammunition companies have introduced boxes, lines of cartridges they called zombie cartridges, shotgun shells and rifle shells.”

The zombie-themed merchandise has ushered in a new generation of gun shooters, according to Workman.

The Zombie Rights Campaign is agnostic on the issue of gun ownership generally. We’re not about to say that citizens, living or Undead, should not own guns per se. That’s not our area of expertise.

However, whenever anyone arms themselves in fear of a minority group (or, perhaps, the majority in a future ‘Apocalypse’ scenario), it never ends well. Guns are tools, but in general you shouldn’t use tools out of fear. It leads to a lot of tragic mistakes.

And of course, lines the pockets of enterprising fear merchants, say, peddling Anti-Zombie ammunition at a premium (which is probably the exact same ammunition you could get on the next shelf over, in a bright green box with a picture of a Zombie on it, say).

Be smart, consumers. Smart AND empathetic. Don’t hate on Zombies, and don’t overpay for weapons to protect yourself against an ‘Apocalypse’ you’re never likely to see.

(Plus, if you do, aren’t you statistically likely to end up on the ‘wrong’ side anyway?)

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