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Shameless Reliance on BuyZombie for Assistance

While Zombie Law School and NaNoWrimo have been keeping us busy on non-ZRC matters around here, BuyZombie has taken up the slack nicely. They have two reviews of new Zombie novels out lately, both of which are apparently novel takes on the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ from a Zombie’s perspective.

Tragically, one is apparently far better than the other, but it’s still good to see writers branching out from the tired cliches (brilliantly summarized as “Run-Munch-Scream-Repeat” here)

Check out their reviews of “A Zombie Apocalypse” and “The Reanimation of Eduard Schuett” to see some of the mixed progress in the Zombie fiction genre of late.

Thanks again to BuyZombie for their tireless, if perhaps often misguided, work on the consumer side of the larger Zombie merchandising industry.

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